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What are weekends like for your family? Do you have weekend traditions?

Salt Lake City Utah photographer Carrie Owens gives tips on how to photograph traditions

Nearly every Sunday since we moved here over 13 years ago we have gone to Sunday Night Dinner with my husband’s father and any other family members that are available. We rarely miss and so look forward to spending this time with Grandpa. After dinner the kids will often hang out with their grandpa either with a trip to his house, the park or maybe even a movie and I’m so grateful for this family connection. Weekends also consist of games or swim meets or trips to the slopes. Backyard or street games of catch and if we’re really lucky, waffles are made by the kiddos. For us, weekends mean family time and I love that we have that time together.

Salt Lake City Utah photographer Carrie Owens gives tips on how to photograph weekend traditions

What are the little details that make up your weekends? Take a little time to document what might be quiet weekends at home or crazy busy days…whatever your weekends look like, they won’t look that way forever.

  • What are Friday nights like in your world?
  • What about Saturday mornings? Are you an early riser? Do you enjoy sleeping in? Quiet mornings with a cup of coffee or tea?
  • What is your Saturday like? Yardwork or youth sports activities? What happens at night?
  • What is your Sunday like? Do you attend church or are you spending your day doing other things?
  • How do you plan for your upcoming week? Are you menu planning or planning your week on Sunday evenings?

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