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Is there something you do day in and day out? Create a series for your images…

Sandy photographer Carrie Owens photographs a series of images at the pool


That’s our hashtag. And we do live at the pool. Each of my three children swim and they have scheduled practices every day with just two weeks off a couple times a year in between seasons. Luckily for me, they love it. I love it too…it’s great exercise for them, they’ve met great friends, learned a lot about commitment and determination and I’ve met some great friends poolside as well. When I go back and look through my instagrams and other photographs of the kids there are a lot of images from the pool. Quite some time ago I decided that it really was ok if I took a lot of photos there. Many images are similar, but that’s our life right now. It’s ok. There isn’t a reason to stop taking these photos. This is what we do and there may be a time when #weliveatthepool isn’t an accurate statement. So while we’re in this stage…mom takes photos.

Sandy photographer Carrie Owens photographs a series of images at the pool

I actually really love looking at these images above. I love the memories associated with our time at the pool and they really just make me happy. If I stopped and decided not to take a pic because “I’ve taken a photo at swim practice already” then I would miss out on memories. So I keep shooting.

Some ideas for photographing something that you want to create a series for:

  • if you instagram, do a search for a hashtag that you want to use for your series…then start using it on all of your images for that series
  • take several images from different perspectives for your series
  • look for creative ways to showcase your series
  • take photos with and without people

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