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Eighteen years, twelve plus years of school…what have you done and learned along the way that you would like to celebrate for your high school senior session with me? What do you love? What are you passionate about? There are many sides to you and I would love to make sure we capture as many of them as we can during our session together.


Salt Lake City Utah high school senior photographer creates sessions based around her senior's talents and passions

Are you a soccer player? Have you been on one team or another since preschool? Every singe practice, every single game, every single pass to a teammate and every single goal – missed or made – has helped shape you into the person you are today. Every time you got up early for practice when your friends were sleeping in and every time your parent drove you to a game in the rain is a part of you – and your loved ones.

What about music? Or theater? Or that you’ve waited and saved your whole life for that perfect dream car and now you not only have it, but you baby it and take amazing care of it? Are you a lover of fashion…creating outfits with a style all your own? Are you an avid reader – or writer? What is it about you that makes you unique?

As we are planning your session, take time to print out the Dream Session Planner, look through Pinterest, take some notes. If we need to schedule two locations – or even two seasons!! – let’s start talking about that now. Are you a football player and a track star? Do you want to get creative images showcasing both of those loves? If so…we need to plan ahead.

Salt Lake City high school senior photographer Carrie Owens shares her dream session planner

And not to worry…your session is all about you. Every facet of you. We will get those images that show off your loves as well as the images that show your beauty and your amazing smile. We’ll get the photos for the announcement and to send to Grandma along with the images that show your strength and dedication and drive.


Salt Lake City Utah high school senior athlete photographer Carrie Owens


So many people look at the end of their high school career with a big old “I’m done!!” but if I know you…you’re thinking “I’m ready!!” Ready for that next step, that next thing that will continue to shape you into an amazing person. Let’s start talking and planning your session now!


ps….Parents, I know it’s so hard to believe that it’s their last year in school, take a moment to learn about The Last Season Package…this is a year you don’t want to forget. Fill out the form above and I’ll tell you all about it.

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