washington trip part three | salt lake city child and family photographer

While in Washington the kids and I went to visit my dad in Des Moines and then headed out to the Seattle Center with his wife and her son and his daughter for some fun times. It has been forever since I’ve been to the Seattle Center…probably since New Year’s Eve 98…and a lot has changed, but so much was still the same. It was so much fun to go there with my dad as he and I spent many a Saturday there while he tried to listen to the music and I wanted to ride the rides. I remember riding a roller coaster with him there and knocking out a tooth…I remember putt putt golf with him there and so many trips to the Science Center and many other great memories.

space needle in seattle

Although the EMP was built after I spent so much time at the Seattle Center as a kid (it was there when I was older, but I never have visited), it’s still pretty awesome to look at. Maybe someday I’ll get to go inside 🙂

emp at the seattle center

We walked through the Center and saw some old sights and then headed towards the fountain. The kids all had a great time and got very wet, but there were lots of smiles to go around!

the fountain at the seattle center

After we got the kids to dry off, we let them go on a few rides and of course Mr Smily just loved them…

bumper cars at the seattle center

roller coaster at the seattle center

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