washingotn trip part one | salt lake city photographer

It’s been a busy and crazy summer…especially those last couple weeks. And now that school has started, I’m starting to get back on track with things.  The kids are loving school, each have great teachers and even little Max is loving being at school all day long. They’re back in fall sports, soccer and swimming and flag football to start soon which keeps us all busy as usual and this weekend starts college football and other great fall things…my very favorite time of year!

I have lots of photos to catch up with and wanted to share a few from our stay at my mom’s house in Tacoma…it was fun visiting home, but it just reaffirms that home is really Utah now, which is a great thing.

salt lake city childrens photographer

salt lake city child photographer

shih tsu at fence salt lake city pet photographer

shih tsu at window salt lake city pet photographer

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