the metropolitan museum of art | salt lake city utah photographer in nyc

On our last day in New York we had a great brunch at the Hard Rock cafe and then sent Jarrod off to the airport (we thought it best he go home early to avoid the storm as our scheduled flight the next day was to beat the storm) and headed off to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The kids and grandma and I were enjoying the museum and I was getting texts from Jarrod telling me how crazy the airport was…people everywhere trying to get out of town. We were so glad we had decided to get him out early. And then I got the call. Our flight scheduled for Monday morning had been cancelled. I quickly called Jarrod to let him know we wouldn’t be flying the next day and he made the decision to stick around with us. He went up to the counter at his gate and they essentially told him he needed to get out of town. When he told them that his family was going to be stuck in the city due to the storm they understood. He took a taxi back to the hotel and we met him there after our time at the museum. We began seeing the effects of the city being shut down. Buses and subways were to close that evening at seven and taxis were getting tricky to find. But we made it back to the hotel.

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