the Bath Abbey | salt lake city utah photographer in london

To finally get to take photographs inside one of these amazing abbeys was amazing for me. After going through the Roman Baths I headed outside and walked across the square to the doors of the Bath Abbey. From the outside, I knew the interior would be so very impressive. When I walked in I didn’t see the typical “no photography” signs and so I asked if it was ok to take photographs. And they said yes. I know that the images don’t do the space justice, but for me to have these images to remind me of the interior made me so happy. Buying postcards of these interiors that I have studied while in school are great – but that isn’t too different from seeing the photos in the text books. These photos remind me that I was there. That I stood there directly in the middle of the nave and stared straight up into the high ceilings and took these photos myself. I kinda love that. I also loved getting a few images that show the grave markers that are right in the middle of the walkways in the churches. That’s something that I’ve always found so interesting, and to capture that with my own camera made me a happy girl.

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