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A dream come true for me. Our final stop on our bus tour.


I opted to go on the after hours tour that would allow us to go off of the path and go into the circle. Well worth it. Had we just had the regular tour we would have been fighting over peoples shoulders to see, and we wouldn’t have gotten much closer than the photo below.


In the lower right hand corner of the image above you can see the small fence that they wouldn’t let us pass. This is where we entered the grounds to walk into the circle so I stopped here to take a quick photo (I may or may not have been first in line 🙂 )

Going inside the circle with the 30 other people on our tour was really pretty cool. We got the undivided attention of the guards and we were really close enough that we could have touched them or knocked them all over. Luckily everyone followed the rules and didn’t touch the rocks. Except the birds that have decided to nest in some of the crevices of the rocks. Overall, it was a great trip and I am so glad that I have finally been there.


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