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Another NYC post? That’s what we started thinking day after day of being stuck in the city. We were lucky. We were in Times Square and didn’t lose power (although our power flickered a time or two) and didn’t have any damage. We saw an empty Times Square and lots of wind and rain. The stores along Times Square boarded up their window, sandbagged their doors and hoped for the best. The Naked Cowboy couldn’t take a day off though and continued playing that guitar after getting his life vest on.

We spent lots of time in the room, lots of time on the concierge level, lots of time exploring the hotel. We ventured out to take advantage of an empty Times Square. Jarrod had the great idea of sending the kids on a scavenger hunt, so I planned one and watched the kids get to know the hotel even better.

On Wednesday (Halloween) the city was starting to get back to some bit of normalcy. We headed out to Macy’s and to walk around the city. We met up with Jarrod in Rockefeller Center that evening and enjoyed some hot chocolate.

And on Thursday we were able to get a flight home.

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