London trip | part one

Recently I had the opportunity to tag along with my husband to London on one of his business trips. My mom came into town to watch the kids and taxi them all around town and my hubby and sister and I headed to jolly ole England. We arrived on a Sunday morning after flying all night and the three of us took a bus tour around town…in the rain. We had a great lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe and then trudged through the pouring rain through the grounds of Buckingham Palace. I didn’t get many photos that first day as the weather was so bad, but we had a great time seeing the sights. The next day, hubby spent some time with us in the morning as we took the boat tour up the Thames River to the Tower of London. It was still rainy and foggy, but it reminded me of Seattle weather and we did get some sun breaks here and there. My sister and I explored the Tower and the grounds and had lunch at a cute little cafe and then took the bus back to our hotel.


This building above was pretty cool, it’s called the Shard and it looks awesome as it disappears into the fog…the scariest part is those tiny dark specks on the side of the building…the window washers. I’ll pass on that job, thanks.







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