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I wanted to share some images from our recent cruise…be prepared, this is a long and lengthy post with lots of images to keep the family happy 🙂

carnival cruise ship Desitny

I loved the lines of the ship and had a shot in mind, but with the camera and lens I brought, it wasn’t happening…the above shot ended up doing the  job.

port of miami carnival cruise

The port of Miami was full of so many boats and the weather was beautiful.

carnival cruise to jamaica

I love how little Maxie is trying to see over the edge…the wind was fierce as we looked over the edge after leaving the Port of Miami.

faux tattoo on boy

As we were wandering around the ship that first afternoon, the video guy stopped us and asked if one of our kids wanted one of the airbrush tattoos for free in exchange for being on tv…of course Jack was thrilled with the idea and got a blue-green scorpion.

carnival destiny in Jamaica

Another shot of the boat…love the little sun flare 🙂

the bay in Jamiaca

The colors in Jamaica were beautiful, the deep greens, the amazing colors of the water…the bright white buildings tucked into the hillside…loved it there.

the water in jamaica

There were many booths set up by the locals for shopping, however we took a trip to Dunn’s River Falls to hike up the falls. We couldn’t bring our cameras along for the hike, so I didn’t get any images of the long chain of people hiking up the falls…including Claire who braved the trip after a nasty fall in a waterfall last summer resulting in several stitches in her knee (twice). We were so proud of her! 🙂 And all of us…it was a pretty steep climb in some spots, but our guide took great care of us and got us to the top.

shopping in Jamaica

After the falls we headed to a beach to swim and eat and play in the ocean…

child on the beach in Jamaica

snorkeling in Jamaica

And tomorrow I will hopefully post images from Grand Cayman and the rest of the trip…

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