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My husband recently needed to take another trip to the UK for work and asked me if I’d like to tag along. I called my mom and asked if she would be willing to come watch the kids again for me, promised that there weren’t any swim meets or practices other than our daily trips to the pool and she kindly agreed. So we were off again to London and I feel so lucky to be able to have gone on this trip with him. After having gone last fall with him and my sister I felt like I could handle sightseeing by myself when he was at work every day and that it would be a great opportunity to get away for a bit.

I’m not sure if you know this about me or not…but I take a lot of photos. My mom takes a lot of photos, my dad is a big camera and photo guy, so it’s pretty much in my genes. I take a bunch of photos. When I was going through my photos from this trip, I broke my images down into days and events (it seems like I did more full day outings this trip) and will post accordingly…we were there for a week, so that’s a lot of photos 🙂

We arrived Sunday morning in London and took a taxi to our hotel. We were exhausted after flying all night, but knew that we needed to get out and see some sights and not sleep if we wanted to beat jet lag. I had heard about Camden Markets from a friend who had just been to London a week or so earlier, so we made that our first stop. We decided to walk and headed out from out hotel near Marble Arch through Regents Park and on to Camden Town and first came upon the Camden Locks…one of my must see spots on my list.


We then wandered into Camden Markets and got lost in the people and the booths and the shops. We had a great time people watching and checking things out and when we realized that we probably needed to head out and try and find our way back to the hotel we couldn’t find a way back out of the winding pathways lined with shops. We eventually made it out and began walking back towards our hotel in search of a bus tour stop. We finally found one and headed back to the hotel for a quick dinner before heading to sleep.

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