a quick visit to Bath, England | salt lake city utah photographer in london

Our second stop on the bus tour that I took out of London was the city of Bath. The ride to Bath was amazing seeing the rolling hills of the countryside and when we pulled in to the streets of Bath I was so thrilled to see the Abbey and the Roman Baths. The old architecture is still so fun for me to see, especially mixed in with the modern cars and buses and the construction cranes that are seen everywhere it seems. The square outside the Roman Baths were filled with people and street performers and it was such a great place to people watch. Going inside the Roman Baths was very interesting and like nothing I had ever seen before. At the end of the tour we were given the opportunity to taste the water from the Baths (I’m guessing it was filtered in some way) and as much as that water smelled I went ahead and did what a good tourist should. It wasn’t great. But at least I don’t have to do it again!





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