april instagram recap

This year seems to be going by way too fast. I’ve been trying to stay current with the Instagram Challenge put on by Bethadilly as I think that she has some really great prompts. If it’s not one you are familiar with, I suggest you take a look and give it a try…I usually start out strong every month and the fizzle out towards the end, but I think that it’s a great tool to get yourself in the mindset of shooting more often. Are you on Instagram? Be sure to follow me there to see little glimpses of my life and some behind the scenes images of Carrie Owens Photography as well as some of my favorite shots from my sessions. I’m cophotography on Instagram and you can even see some of my most recent images on the sidebar to the right.

salt lake city utah photographer carrie owens shares her favorite instagrams from april 2015

April was a whilrwind of a month. I was honestly still trying to recover from my amazing Scandinavian trip with my mom and family and was still getting back into the swing of things. We had spring break – which was awesome! – and my birthday and Easter and other fun things. The 16 images above are some of my favorite images from the month…and one thing that I am especially proud of? That I’m in 3 of them. I’ve been trying to get into more images with my children and think that three in one month is a fantastic start!

Are you looking for some ideas on how and what to document in your everyday life? Be sure to check out my 31 day series on Documenting Your Everyday for some great tips.

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