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Hello! So nice to meet you…I’m Carrie and that’s my family up there.

a little about me | Yes,  I’m a photographer. And so much more. I’m a mother to three busy kids and a wife to my high school sweetheart. I’m a big city girl (born in Seattle) and have lived in each of the three states along the west coast. We made the move from the Bay Area to Utah after our first son was born and haven’t looked back, the Salt Lake Valley suits our family well. We’re a football family through and through and the three kids are swimmers, footballers and basketballers…we do love our sports. And we’re all tall in the Owens family, it’s only a matter of time before I’m the shortest at 5’10”.

a little about what I love | I’m a lover of all things visual and creative. I’m always looking at my surroundings and observing and taking things in. I have a degree in Interior Architecture from the University of Oregon (no, I’m not a Duck fan…OSU Beavers all the way) and I have a great love of Scandinavian design and Mid Century Modern furniture. Typography makes me happy and Pinterest might just be the best thing ever invented. I can be bribed with a Coke from McDonald’s (something about the straw or the carbonation…some of you out there know exactly what I’m talking about), fried pickles or Good n’ Plenty’s. I could spend hours in a stationary store and I once had a mild addiction to pens.

a little about my vision | Photography is so deeply important to me. I am an emotional girl and photography lets me showcase that. As a mother of three teens, focusing on that age group has become very important to me. Allowing teens to see just how amazing they are is my goal and I try to ensure that I accomplish that in every interaction. Seeing the love between parents and their teen (even if it’s their fifth child) gets me, seeing their pride in the person that they are raising and seeing that in an image makes my heart sing. As parents we are so excited to document every little moment of our children when they are young and my goal is to continue that documentation as they get older. Don’t forget – your children are still reaching amazing milestones, we must make an effort to capture those too!

a little about this blog | You have probably arrived here looking for a photographer, thank you for that. I’m glad that you’ve found me and I hope that you decide to stick around. This blog showcases my work and is also here to do a bit more than that. I’ve been blogging since around 2006 and this is my little space in the world to talk about and showcase the things that are important to me. Many days that will be photography, other days it might be a post about design or even a little something about how I document the lives of those that I love…or maybe what I feed them or the places I go with them. I hope that you can use this space to get to know me a bit better and I’d love to get to know you, too…leave a comment or click on some of the links below, thanks!

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