why we love teens

Anyone from middle school through high school graduation - even as you venture off to college or a mission - has an amazing story to tell and we want to help you tell it. You're doing big things in this life of yours and we would love to work together to document all of the facets of you. Let's talk about what you're passionate about and create a session that showcases you.


why we love moms

You've been there every step of the way and these last teen years are going by so fast. I know that when you look at her you still see the little girl you played with on the playground. I know that you're so proud you could burst and that you're excited and scared to send her out into the world...let's document these years together and create images to last a lifetime.


why we love athletes

Do you know how strong you are? The dedication, the sacrifices when friends want to hang out and you pass up on the fun for a practice? The long hours and the early mornings have helped shape you into an amazingly strong human and that shouldn't go unnoticed. The passion for your sport is something that we need to document - let's get creative.