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Family (or just any) vacation is an easy time to take photos…but don’t forget the little details that make your vacations unique to you.

Salt Lake City Utah photographer photographs the little details of vacations

No matter if your vacations are to far away places or simply a weekend away, make sure you’re getting photos…easy to do, right? Everyone takes photos when on vacation. But I want to challenge you to look a little deeper at the images that you capture.

Sandy Utah photographer Carrie Owens documents the details in vacation photography

Photography while traveling to new places is one of my favorite things. Some areas to push yourself when talking photographs while on vacation:

  • Look down. Look at the sidewalks at the floors at the stairs and escalators. What patterns and objects do you see when you look down?
  • Look up. Look at the ceiling in the spaces that you enter. What is going on up there?
  • Textures. Look for interesting and different textures of building materials.
  • Watch your family members as they experience new things. Stand back and observe them as they take it all in…photograph that.
  • Try to get a good mix of images with and without people in them (meaning get landscapes and architecture as well)
  • What about the food? What is unique about the eating establishments and the food where you are?
  • Anything different or interesting about the clothing of the locals?

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