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It’s the little details that make up our lives that are so important.

Salt Lake City Utah photographer Carrie Owens photographs the little details of her family's lives

When I’m photographing something or someone I always make the effort to look a little closer. What am I missing? What do I want to make sure that I capture? What helps tell my story?

salt lake city utah photographer carrie owens photographs the little details that make up her life

These images above are some of my favorite little detail images. I love that in photo at my son’s football game I know that it’s raining because I made sure to get the detail of the corner of the umbrella in the shot. I love that the image of my boys playing chess shows the scene from a different view with the detail focusing on the board of play.  Yes, a photo of my daughter with her cute little name tag would have fit the bill…but focusing in on the name tag with a hint of her smile tells such a great story.

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