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In our family each of us have different hobbies…and luckily we share many of them as well.

Salt Lake City Utah photographer Carrie Owens gives tips on photographing hobbies

Some would say that documenting your hobbies is a lot like documenting what you do for recreation…I see the similarities, but I also see the difference. For me, hobbies are more what each of my family members do for fun that’s just for them. Like for my daughter, she loves all things fashion related and creative, so she has a lot of creative hobbies like scrapbooking, painting her nails and sketching. My oldest loves anything football related these days, but once upon a time he could think of little else than a Lego. And speaking of Legos…we actually all love those. The boys love video games, when they remember them. My youngest loves cards and other strategy games and toys…for now. This will all change before I know it.

Sandy Utah photographer Carrie Owens documents hobbies of her family

How can you make sure that you’re documenting your family’s hobbies? Read on for a few tips:

  • Follow them around…ok. I really mean spy on them. But in a nice way. Let your kids do their own thing and photograph them as they find the things that make them happy.
  • Don’t stress about a mess when you’re wanting to photograph your loved ones enjoying their hobby. Get the photo.
  • Get photos of the tools of the hobby. My kids love sidewalk chalk, so I photograph them drawing and their masterpieces after they’re done as well as the chalk itself.
  • Don’t forget your own hobbies as well as those of your significant other. Make sure you’re capturing those things as well.

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