10 tips for getting the most out of your senior photography session

Looking for some tips on how to get the most out of your senior portrait session? It’s that time of year and you’ve scheduled your high school senior photography session…and now what? What are the questions that you have?

What do I wear? What kind of images do I want? What should I do with my hair? How many pairs of shoes should I bring? I love this hat, will it look good in photos? I play sports, how can I get images showcasing what I love? I play an instrument, should I bring it with me? I get nervous in front of the camera, how will I deal with that? I have a crazy school and activity schedule, how will I ever find time for senior photos? My parents say I need to do this…I’m not excited about the idea at all, will this be torture?

Salt Lake City high school senior photograher Carrie Owens tells her best tips for a successful session


There are lots of questions surrounding your high school senior photography session and this post is dedicated to helping your resolve some of those uncertainties and to set your mind at ease for creating and designing a session that is tailored just for you. Our goal at your session is to showcase every facet of your personality in your images and for you to have fun!



Once your session is booked, I’ll help you along the way to make sure that we create a session that showcases this amazing time in your life and that you’ll remember for years to come.

Your best 10 tips:

1 | Schedule a pre-session consult with me. We can do this over the phone or in person, but the main goal here is to make sure that we’ve planned out your session (outfits and locations, etc) to ensure the best images possible.
2 | Choose the session type to ensure that you allow enough time/location to showcase the image you want. Do you have several outfits that you want to create images with? What facets of your life do we need to make sure that we have the time to showcase?
3 | Plan your wardrobe – outfit changes and accessories (don’t underestimate the power of accessories!) We can go over all of this at your pre-session consultation, and if you’re out shopping and you feel the need to text me a pic of an outfit – go for it!
4 | Hair and makeup – and NAILS. Please don’t forget your nails! I have several hair and makeup artists that I can recommend that will do an amazing job for your session. Guys, you won’t need the makeup, but please remember clean and trimmed nails.
5| Bring a friend or your mom. You don’t have to do either, sometimes having someone there with you can help you feel more comfortable and sometimes it can give you added stress that you don’t want. Let’s talk about the pros and cons at your consult…and fair warning to moms, if you’re there, you’re getting in some photos with your senior!
6 | Choose a location(s) that reflects you. My studio is perfect with a lot of variation for images, but if you have something special in mind that really shows off who you are, let’s take advantage of that.
7 | Bring the things you love (sports, instruments, pets, etc) and that are important to you to your session. If you want to showcase your piano playing skills, maybe don’t bring the piano…but let’s talk about how to include that in your images if that is something you want. You may not be able to bring the pool if you’re a swimmer, but we can bring your session to the water. Let’s not miss an opportunity – let’s get creative!!
8 | Posing for photos can sometimes feel awkward. Please know that I’ll help you along and we’ll take the time needed to ensure that you’re feeling comfortable.
9 | Go with the flow. Enjoy yourself, laugh…be silly, try new things. Let’s have fun, I want this to be an experience that you look back on and smile.
10| Think about the end result – do you need announcements? Art for the parents walls? What about an album? We’ll talk about this at your consult to make sure that we have a plan to get the images you need.


Needing some inspiration for your senior portrait session? Take a look at some of my favorite senior sessions on the blog. Do you have your own ideas on what you want your images to look like? I would love to see them and talk with you about them. Looking for some more inspiration? Pinterest is a great option, but remember, we want your session to be all about YOU and what represents you the most. Use these ideas as a starting point and let’s chat!



Ready to set up your pre-session consultation and start planning out your senior portrait session? Send me an email or give me a call today and let’s start creating a session you’ll love.


I look forward to hearing from you!!


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