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I love athletes. I love goals and big dreams and I love people that work hard and push themselves. I love photographing these people…


Salt Lake City Utah high school athlete photographer Carrie Owens


Growing up, I did a few dance classes and played basketball as a very young kid and eventually played in high school…for two years. I wasn’t that great, but I was taller than most and the coaches gave me a chance. We all knew that trying out again for my junior year probably wouldn’t do all that much for me unless I learned how to be a bit more aggressive…but that wasn’t really in my nature at that time. I was ok with that, sports and exercise wasn’t something I had really grown up with so pushing it to the side didn’t seem strange to me. Then I dated and eventually married someone who pretty much loves everything about athletics. I love the memories that he has associated with sports and I love the opportunity that he had in college to continue to pursue those desires. The family that his high school and college teams became for him is something that I’ve always admired and envied. I’m so grateful that we have created a life for our own three that was similar.

My three children have grown up extremely active and involved in local sports and I’m so grateful that they have thrived in that environment. I’ve often had people ask me if we should cut down on their level of involvement…allow them to do other things or just do nothing. But each time a new season of sports rolls around I’ve had to beg the kids to only choose one or two sports…and sometimes we end up with more for each because they keep asking for more. It’s crazy, but they love it. Is saying no the right thing? What if I said no to the thing that was going to be their “thing”? The thing they were going to be most amazing at? So we try and fit in what we can. The kids have likely missed out on a few play dates and countless hours of video games (not such a bad thing) and probably a lot of mornings sleeping in…in the summers, they are often midway through swim practice before school would have even started. And they rarely, if ever, complain.

What do I love about photographing athletes?

You should be so proud of yourself and what you have accomplished as a high school athlete – that doesn’t come easy! You and your family have made sacrifices…you’ve created goals and worked hard towards making those reality. You are strong and capable and I want you to know how amazing that is. When I photograph athletes or talk with seniors and other teens who have this same level of dedication, I am in awe. I am inspired. I wish that I had that same dedication when I was their age (honestly I wish I had it now!!). I am proud of them and excited for them and their future…whether they pursue their athletic career after high school or not. These years being dedicated to their sport and being a part of a team have given them a huge leg up in life and it should be celebrated. I love showcasing that part of your life, whether it was just the last four years, the last 15 plus or your senior year was your first time trying a sport. It is an important part of who you are and your senior session is all about all of the little things that make you amazing.

Park City Utah high school athlete senior photographer Carrie Owens showcases a local swimmerPark City Utah high school athlete senior photographer Carrie Owens showcases a local swimmer

Do you consider me an athlete?

People often ask me “Do I have to be a swimmer or run track to be considered an athlete?” No way. Do you work hard at what you do? Then yes, you are an athlete. Have you made sacrifices for your chosen activity? Practiced for hours on end only to add on hours of homework after that and wake up early for more? You are an athlete. Whether you’re on the field, the court, the pool, the stables, the mountain or even the skate park…you are an athlete. Dance or cheer? You’re an athlete. And if you’ve got something new for me then I definitely want to hear about it and work with you to create an amazing session around your passion.

I was a high school athlete, but I am so done now!

Do we really have to photograph my athletic background at my session? My real answer is no…but let’s at least talk about it. Here’s why. Right now, you’re done, I get it. All of the hours, all of the events, you’re ready to move on to this next chapter in your life. I get it, I really do. Why do you need photos in your basketball uniform or with a volleyball? You’re not even going to play in college. But someday…years from now…you’ll want to see those images – or maybe your kids will. We don’t have to make a big production out of it, but humor me a bit…it’ll be worth it. Although I didn’t play sports in my senior year, I wish that there were more images of me being somewhat athletic.

Park City Utah high school athlete senior photographer Carrie Owens showcases a local swimmer

So send me a message, give me a call…let’s start talking about your senior session. Did you know that the best time to schedule your senior session is the summer before your senior year? True story. I look forward to hearing from you and creating an amazing session that tells all about the amazing person that you are.



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