10 on 10 | sandy utah children and family photographer

This month I decided to participate in a great challenge that many of my photographer friends have been participating in. It’s the 10 on 10 challenge where we post a little snapshot into our lives as photographers. This spring season has been quite busy for me and I’ve been so happy about that. During these busy times, it’s sometimes tough to remember to pick the camera up and capture my own family’s lives. I’ve been very good at capturing our lives via Instagram and my phone, but sometimes it’s good to get them behind the big camera every once in a while. Yesterday, the kids and their grandpa and their dad and I took a trip to a local museum..and these are some of my favorite shots of the outing.


Thanks for reading this month’s 10 on 10. To see the other photographers in my 10 on 10 circle, check out the next in line, northen New Jersey photographer Story of Life Photography,

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