gearing up for the end of the school year

Happy May, happy new week and happy almost the end of the school year!

I can’t believe how fast this school year has gone and it’s pretty crazy to think that summer will be here before we know it!

Salt Lake City Utah teen photographer Carrie Owens talks about setting end of school year goals


As we head into this final month plus of school – are you ready? I know the weather outside is sunny, everyone is driving around with their windows down and their radio turned up high…but there are still some things to attend to before that last bell rings and summer begins. I encourage you to grab your planner, your phone, a notebook or whatever you can and jot down a few end of the school year goals. I’ve asked my own teens to do this same thing (and I’ve done it as well). You want to make sure that you’re starting summer off on the right flip flop.


Salt Lake City Utah teen photographer Carrie Owens talks about setting end of school year goals


a few goals to think about:

1 | check your grades on Skyward…are they where they need to be? What can you do to boost each of your grades – even just getting that A- up to a solid A? Have you talked to each of your teachers (not just the ones with the less than stellar grades)? Talking with your teachers about your grades shows them that you care and are committed to your future. Don’t bury your head in the sand…bad grades don’t just go away.

2 | take a peek at your schedule for next term. I know it seems light years away, but is there anything you need to be doing over summer break to get a head start? Do you have any books to read over break? Find out now and get it ordered (if you’ve got a road trip or plane ride coming up, having that book with you is a great way to get ahead). You don’t want to be scrambling that last week of summer…that’s when you want to be enjoying yourself to the fullest!!

3 | want a summer job? Now is the time to start looking so that once that last bell rings you’re ready to start…and so all of the good jobs haven’t already been taken. Have an idea on the career that you want to pursue as an adult? Try looking in that same area or contact a local professional in your desired field and ask them what a good summer job might be that aligns well with your future goals.

4 | take some time during your day to smile and say hi to people that aren’t in your direct circle of friends. Walking down the hall between classes, at lunch or in your classes a simple smile for someone can go a long way. You never know who might need a smile or a wave today – or when you’re going to need one yourself.

5| have a summer bucket list? What do you want to do this summer? Where do you want to go, what do you want to do and what memories do you want to make? Start dreaming and getting your partners in crime ready for a great summer!


Some of these goals might seem silly or seem like they don’t apply to you, but I encourage you to approach these last few weeks of school with intention to set yourself up for success in the best way that you can.


ps…planner in the photo (and cards) from Elise Joy and the GET TO WORK BOOK is amazing. Go check her stuff out.

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