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Salt Lake City teen and family photographer celebrates family before one heads off to college

leaving the nest | salt lake city senior + family photographer

Whether they’re heading out to college, going out on their own or leaving for their mission, there is a time in

Salt Lake City teen photgorapher shares tips for documenting your teen and getting them on your side

documenting your teen – getting them on your side

Hey teen moms…this one is for you! Your child is growing up so fast…how is it that it feels like just

Salt Lake City Utah high school senior photographer creates sessions based around her senior's talents and passions

show off your passion | salt lake city senior photographer

Eighteen years, twelve plus years of school…what have you done and learned along the way that you would like to

Salt Lake City teen photographer talks about documenting your teen's life

documenting the everyday life of your teen

Tell me about when your child was little – better yet, show me. I am willing to bet that you have tons of photos

Salt Lake City high school senior photographer Carrie Owens shares her dream session planner

dream session planner for senior sessions

You’ve scheduled your senior session and now it’s time to start planning. Grab some of your favorite

Salt Lake City high school senior photograher Carrie Owens tells her best tips for a successful session

10 tips for getting the most out of your senior photography session

Looking for some tips on how to get the most out of your senior portrait session? It’s that time of year and

class of 2017 senior sessions are booking now with Salt Lake City Utah senior photographer Carrie Owens

senior sessions booking now

Hi Seniors! If you’re graduating this spring then it’s time to start planning your senior session!